West Eyreton School has a compulsory school uniform. Tops, sweatshirts, shorts and skirts must be purchased from The Warehouse in Rangiora.

We take pride at West Eyreton School around our students general appearance.  New uniforms can be purchased from The Warehouse Rangiora.  We also have second hand uniforms that are in good condition for sale at school.  You will find these in the community library which is on-site at school.

It is strongly encouraged that all uniform is clearly named.  Students must wear clothing listed on the West Eyreton School uniform list. If parents want to purchase a uniform item that is not from The Warehouse Rangiora it will need to be approved by the principal. 

Unisex TOPS: 
  • Navy Polar fleece jacket, vest or top with emblem 
  • Navy Zip tunic Sweater with emblem 
  • Navy sweatshirt with emblem 
  • Navy Merino Jersey with emblem 
  • Navy and Jade polo shirt with emblem 
  • Navy Blue Sunhat - Terms 1 & 4 
  • Navy Blue Thermals may be worn under the polo shirt in winter 

  • Navy blue tracksuit or long pants - No outlandish branding
  • Navy blue shorts - cargo or knit - No outlandish branding 

Girls PANTS: 
  • Navy blue tracksuit pants 
  • Navy blue culottes or leggings 
  • Navy blue tights
For full uniform details please download the School uniform policy.