Emergency Plan

The school has a text messaging system that is used to contact families in emergency orschool closure situations.

The school’s notification procedures

  1. A text message system – in the event of an emergency or school closure, we willsend a text to advise of the situation at school & updates on opening dates / times
  2. A message will be placed on the main school phone advising parents of thesituation at school
  3. Where possible, school closure messages will be placed on the Newstalk ZB, and/ or the Breeze radio stations.
  4. The emergency telephone tree will be actioned, if no.s 1 – 3 above can’t beactivated.
  5. Check with neighbours, friends if you think there is potential for the school to beclosed but you haven’t been contacted – emergency communication can be trickye.g. weather, earthquake.

For these procedures to operate effectively, it is vital that we have the correct cell phonenumbers for all families please.

In addition, during an emergency closure, the school bus driver will NOT drop offpupils at the bus stop / home gate unless their parent or caregiver is waiting there tocollect them. They will bring the child back to school to be supervised here untiltheir parent can collect them. If the school bus is unable to operate, then childrenwill remain here at school until parents can collect their child.

Children will only be permitted to be picked up by other parents if that parent islisted as a caregiver on our records. If you would like another parent to collect yourchild during an emergency closure then you, the parent, need to inform us of this person.

Checking Your Caregiver Details on the Parent Portal

If you need to check who you have nominated as your child’s caregivers then go to theschool website homepage and scroll down to the Parent Portal – click on this then clickon “My Child” then enter your log in details.