We welcome visitors to our school and to our website. Come out to West Eyreton and see our great school in action. 

The office is manned from 8.30 am – 3.15 pm - Monday to Friday
If you would like to know more about West Eyreton School, or would like to be part of our school, please contact us.

Phone: 03 312 5850
Principal: (Lisa Duff)
Address: 1651 North Eyre Rd, RD 5, Rangiora 7475, New Zealand

VISTAB Visitor Management Tool

A tablet is located in the school office for visitors, relieving teachers, and contractors to sign in.  It enables the school office to know who is on site at any one time.  
• Visitors also read the school’s Health and Safety information as part of their signing in process. 
• In the event of an evacuation access to who is on site can be printed off.

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