Creatives in Schools in Rūmā Tōrū

With great enthusiasm Rūmā Tōrū has started the “Creatives in Schools” art sessions. In our first lesson we learnt about different sketching techniques and artists who have excelled in particular type of technique. We can’t wait for our next session with Mrs Muirson!

How does Pause Breathe Smile link to the New Zealand Curriculum?

PBS and the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum Independent thinking Mindfulness has been shown to increase creativity and independent thinking, and leads to improved knowledge-retention. Using language, symbols & texts Mindfulness helps students learn how to use language to improve their wellbeing and their relationships with others. It promotes self-reflection, helps students to learn […]

Structured Literacy – Pure New Zealand Sounds

This video from Emma Nahna will help you to learn and understand: 1) What all the consonant and vowel phonemes (sounds) of NZ English are; and 2) How to say them clearly when you are supporting beginning or struggling learners to hear and use the sounds during phonological awareness, reading and spelling. If you want to […]

Pause Breathe Smile at West Eyreton School

This term our school is starting a series of eight Pause Breathe Smile sessions currently funded by Southern Cross. These lessons are based on current wellbeing science and neuroscience. Results show that participation in Pause, Breathe, Smile; Improves focus and attention for better learning outcomes; increases calm and student wellbeing; enhances self-awareness and pro-social behaviour and reduces […]

Junior Sport

Over the last two weeks, the focus for junior sport on Monday has been improving our bowling and batting skills while playing non-stop cricket. Although the students playing have been very competitive, it has been pleasing to see and hear tamariki encouraging and supporting one another.