The Ministry of Education rules that to be eligible to travel on a school bus Y1 – 8 pupils must live more than  3.2 km from the school.  
We have two school buses, which are run by private contractors. The bus company employs the drivers and consults with the school over changes and any other relevant issues. 

Parents of bus children please take note of the following:
  • Please inform the school by telephone, or with a note, if a pupil is not returning home by bus.
  • ​​We don’t collect every child from their gate, we have specific pick-up and drop off locations. If you want this reviewed please contact the school rather than asking the bus driver.
  • It is recommended you arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time.
  • You need to remain with your child while they are waiting for the bus in the morning and meet them in the afternoon as they get off the school bus.
If you have any school bus related questions please first address these with the school

Key Contacts:
Karen – Cityline – 03 348 0897-  Website: https://www.citylinechch.co.nz/
Grant – Torlesse Travel – (03) 318 8187  – Website: https://www.torlessetravel.co.nz/