BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

West Eyreton School has adopted an optional Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme. All learners from Year 5 up are able to participate in the programme.  

Optional Involvement

Involvement in this programme is completely optional. No student will be disadvantaged by not bringing a digital device. West Eyreton School provides modern digital devices to which all students have shared access. The BYOD programme is not requiring families to buy devices. However, for parents with year 8 students who are contemplating a purchase we suggest you investigate the devices recommended by the high school your child will be attending.

Why trial BYOD?

Experience from schools around the world strongly suggest that a BYOD programme can enhance students’:
  • participation in learning and working together (connectedness);
  • driving their own learning (agency);
  • moving learning beyond the classroom (ubiquity);
  • adapting to new ways of learning (agency).


BYOD Questions & Answers

Is a filter system in place to control/monitor the words used on devices? 
West Eyreton School has a managed internet connection via Network For Learning (N4L) that has comprehensive search word and site filtering. 
Will the there be assessment of the effective impact of device use, both qualitatively and quantitatively? 
West Eyreton school is using the SAMR model to implement effective use of ICT into our teaching and learning.  Prior to the BYOD trial we have assessed existing class use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning programmes and will be reviewing the progress of this on a termly basis during the trial.  We will be collecting student, teacher and parent feedback and look forward to sharing this with you as the trial progresses. 
What about games and downloads already on the child’s device, do they have to be removed before the device comes into school? 
The use of BYOD devices is only for learning purposes, as detailed in the BYOD User Agreement.  Any existing games and downloads on the device can remain there, if they are of an acceptable nature. However, unless they are pertinent to learning, their use will not be permitted at school.   
If a child has game apps already loaded on their device, what things will be in place to prevent them from diverting to these? 
The use of BYOD devices is only for learning purposes, as detailed in the BYOD User Agreement.  Use of the devices will be closely monitored by class teachers and if the device is used for gaming purposes at school, the child’s BYOD trial will be revoked.  It is important that the BYOD User Agreement is carefully discussed by both the parent and child prior to signing the document.
Will reliever teachers be allowed to follow the program on BYOD? 
BYOD use will be restricted to those teachers that have undergone specific training and are part of the West Eyreton School Staff Cybersafety agreement. Relieving teachers who are not covered by this will not be allowed to have BYOD use in their classrooms. 
What if all school devices are being used in a different class to my children and they need access to them? 
ICT use across West Eyreton School is planned collaboratively to ensure each class gets a fair proportion of use with the school devices.  The aim is to ensure that there is equitable use of the devices throughout the senior school.  
If you have any further questions please email these to: