Curriculum, Vision & Values

We all want the very best education system for our young people; one that is known for its excellence in every respect. We want students to achieve to a high standard while at school and to leave equipped with the knowledge, competencies, and confidence that they will need for success in a constantly changing world. We want teachers to be motivated, highly effective and to enjoy their teaching. 
“The whole school community, under skilled leadership, has sought to develop and practise a culture of striving for excellence through empathy, effort, enterprise and example. It was clear to ERO that there is a shared understanding of what this means for how the school operates and the expectations for high standards of achievement and behaviour placed on students.” Statement from ERO Report (May 2008)
It is while they are at school that young people lay the foundations for future success. These foundations include literacy and numeracy skills and the key competencies and values that will enable and sustain a lifetime of learning. Particularly important is the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. Both the academic and social outcomes of education are important.

5 Special QualitiEs

Our school culture focuses on the West Eyreton Learner and our 5 Special Qualities (the 5 Es) – Excellence, Example, Empathy, Effort and Enterprise. The 5 Es guide us to make good choices in all aspects of our learning and lives. The 5E’s are integrated into our strategic plan and school vision and they encompass the 5 key competencies of the NZ Curriculum. 
A lot of what we do at school involves the 5 E’s so you’ll hear about them often.

West Eyreton Learners & the 5 Special QualitiE’s  
• EXCELLENCE – We will strive for high standards in everything we do  
 EFFORT – We will work hard to achieve our goals  
• EXAMPLE – We will be positive role model  
• EMPATHY – We will consider other people’s ideas and feelings  
• ENTERPRISE – We will demonstrate a willingness to explore new ideas.