How does Pause Breathe Smile link to the New Zealand Curriculum?

PBS and the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum

Independent thinking

Mindfulness has been shown to increase creativity and independent thinking, and leads to improved knowledge-retention.

Using language, symbols & texts

Mindfulness helps students learn how to use language to improve their wellbeing and their relationships with others. It promotes self-reflection, helps students to learn new ways of describing experiences and improves emotional literacy.

Relating to others

Mindfulness helps students learn to be less judgmental toward themselves and others, and fosters positive relationships.

Managing self

Mindfulness cultivates self-awareness and self-regulation. This allows students to manage themselves better by choosing their behaviours based on mindful attentiveness rather than reacting impulsively.

Participating & contributing

Mindfulness develops empathy and compassion, making it easier for students to connect with others.

Ngā mihi

West Eyreton Staff

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