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Enterprise Challenges

Enterprise Awards at West Eyreton School encourage students to develop their understanding and ability to live the 5 Special QualitiEs.

Research has shown the traditional homework sheets have little or no impact on improving academic achievement.  Developing learning through interests and passions is known to engage students and through increased engagement we have increased educational achievement.  These projects can help children to practise their learning in authentic ways.  Reading, Spelling and basic Facts can all be incorporated into a challenge.  The challenges replace the traditional home learning sheets. Challenges are completed at home in out of school time.  Each level of the school from year 4 up can participate in the challenges.  Children participate in the challenges and each level has a list of suggestions.  Children and families can always design their own challenges as long as they can relate it back to one of the 5 Special QualitiEs: Excellence, Enterprise, Effort, Empathy, Example.  The challenges are entirely optional and it is the children’s choice that drives the project to complete the challenges.   Just ensure you have a variety across the 5 Special QualitiEs.