Outdoor Education

Pet Day

Each year we hold our famous Pet Day.  Everyone looks forward to this day that is held in Term 4.   It is a wonderful event that brings our school community together for the most enjoyable day.   The day sees a wide range of animals, crafts and creative flair being brought to school.  You will find all the information that you will need in the resources section on this page.  If you have any questions re: Pet Day please contact the school office or email lisa.duff@westeyreton.school.nz

Agricultural Club

All pupils are encouraged to undertake one of the various animal-rearing, or garden projects, each year. These projects enable the children to obtain agricultural club certificates and badges as they progress through the  school.  
Official projects include:  1. Raising lambs, calves, pigs, goats and chickens.  2. Growing vegetables or flowers.  

The garden projects are judged early in December. Two cups have been donated for the best junior and senior  garden projects at our school each year.   Please contact Val in the office if you have any questions.  office@westeyreton.school.nz

Outdoor Education

Our West Eyreton Learners are lucky enough to experience Outdoor Education learning experiences within our own school grounds and out and about in our local community.
All Outdoor Education is planned for the purpose of enhancing learning opportunities in the school curriculum and to develop the important key competency skills. These experiences bring opportunities that we often cannot provide at school and are always carefully considered for their educational value. During the year you will receive forms from teachers asking for permission to take your child(ren) on trips. Please return these as soon as possible so planning for the trips can be completed. The trips are organised in accordance with the school ‘Education Beyond The School Boundaries’ policy risk management plans.
Our Year 5 & 6 learners are recently back from a fun-filled camp at Living Springs.  Held over 3 days, the students enjoyed a walk in along the shoreline from Governors Bay to Ohinetahi, studying the estuary, volcanic rocks and wildlife. At the camp, they participated in a wide range of activities including tree climbing, archery, rifle shooting, monorail, bouldering and initiative challenges. The activities, food, teamwork and fun were excellent and the camp was a great success! Photos of the camp can be found in the media gallery.