School Overview

“Supporting Children To Achieve Their Learning Potential.”

We are proud of our school values & special qualities that equip our pupils with essential life skills so that they can become successful New Zealanders. Values are taught through the ‘5E’s’, which link to our high expectations for pupils’ learning & behaviour. 

At West Eyreton, our pupils are the heart of our school and our staff work hard to provide them with a wealth of opportunities which spark their interests, feed their enthusiasm and extend their creativity.  We want them to love learning, explore new learning, find their passion for learning and go for it!

Curriculum Goals

Staff & our Board of Trustees take pride in ensuring all pupils have the chance to achieve to their potential by offering challenging programmes that help children extend their thinking, communicate effectively and learn to problem solve.  We ensure that children who have difficulties related to their learning or require extension programmes have their individual needs met.  Pupils requiring extra support for their learning are catered for beyond the classroom programme, as are our pupils on our Gifted & Talented programme. ​

We value the involvement of our parents & whanau as we work in partnership to support our pupils to achieve their potential and passions for learning.​

Lifelong Learners

Change is a scary word – but change is the essence of the 21st century that our pupils are growing up in – to succeed and survive all our pupils will be required to adapt and respond to the changing world that they live and work in.

Parents, did you know…?

  • Your child will probably have 5 – 7 career changes in their life time

  • The job that your child will perform has probably not even been invented yet

  • Your child will require well developed skills in communication, relationships and critical thinking 

  • Your child will need to be a life long learner

To achieve this…

Literacy and Numeracy must remain a priority for all our pupils’ education.But a third priority is emerging – that of Inquiry Learning skills – teaching children to be more in charge of their own learning – to be knowledge users and creators, to use their knowledge to create more knowledge or to develop new skills, products or outcomes
 West Eyreton School is committed to ensuring that we prepare our pupils to be active and successful participants in the 21st century.

Excellent Academic Results

Top academic results don’t happen by chance – it takes a team of top quality teachers and a dedicated & committed B.O.T to make a difference for children’s learning – each of our pupils’ achievement in Literacy and Numeracy is measured and carefully evaluated – programmes are taught to meet the needs of all our pupils. ACADEMIC is an important part of what we stand for – we’re making a difference for our pupils because of it. We’re proud of our results achieved each year in our annual reports – these can be viewed on the links on the home page on our school website. 

We welcome visitors to our school and to our website. Come out to West Eyreton and see our great school in action. If you would like to know more about West Eyreton School, or would like to be part of our school, please contact us.