Sports Programmes

Our school curriculum provides excellent opportunities for pupils to develop as well-rounded individuals.  Each year, our sports programmes provide pupils with regular physical activity and the opportunity to compete in a variety of sporting events.  By perusing our school newsletters and term calendars on the website you will gain an appreciation of the wealth of opportunity offered.
Pupils enjoy some excellent sporting opportunities – they are encouraged & nurtured through an expectation that they participate to the best of their ability.

Annually we hold whole school events such as our own school triathlon, school cross country, polar pool plunge at the end of the swim season, House / buddy, fun sporting events – senior pupils support junior pupils which grows their confidence & enjoyment. 

We offer WaiSwim lessons in Term 4, each year.  The school’s community pool is open to the community during the summer holiday period. It is also open for community use after school hours, including the weekends, until the end of April. 
Our school participates on the North Canterbury Schools Sports & Recreation PE Coaching contract – each  week two coaches take classes for PE lessons with class teachers present. 

An outline of key sports events for the year:

February-March –  Swimming Sports & School Triathlon
April-May – School Cross Country & Eyre Cluster Cross Country events
June-July-August – Winter Sports – Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Archer and Netball.  
August –  Skiing at Porter Heights every second year is a popular activity.
November – School Athletic Sports