The Arts

The school curriculum provides programmes in Music, Art, Dance and Drama.  In addition to this each year we provide opportunities for the children to sing in music festivals. The school choir participates in the Christchurch Music Festival each year.  There are opportunities to participate in art competitions when they arise.  We may invite a selection of performers to the school each year to share their talents with the children. They could be musicians, puppeteers, poets, dramatists or storytellers. A balanced programme is arranged so that children gain exposure to a rich cross-section of the arts. Sometimes this entails visits from a theatre company or to hear orchestras and other musicians perform. 
The School of Rock also offer private music and dance tuition at the school.  Please direct any questions about music lessons to Mark Bishop –
A wide range of learning opportunities is offered so that all pupils are inspired & enthused to find their passions for learning beyond the academic subjects.