The Eyre River Trip

On Tuesday 8th of March 2022 we, West Eyreton school’s year seven and eights, walked to the Eyre river on foot. We wanted to find a rock for art at school, observe the river and how its different channels flow and learn about the wildlife food chain that lives in and around the river.

Getting to the river took over an hour in itself. We started at school and made our way down to the hall via the bike track. We safely crossed the road and studied the hall for a small amount of time. We learned how the hall’s entry arch had fallen off during the Canterbury earthquakes. We crossed the road once more before advancing down Downs Road. On the way to the Eyre River, we encountered a herd of cows, accompanied by six quad bikes and a truck. We walked further down the road to the river and found that the water was running cleanly.

While at the river, we built a dam to try and stop the river in one of its sections. Gathering resources and building the dam required us to work well together and for multiple people to put larger pieces in place. The dam was most of the kid’s favourite activity and there was always something to do. We also built cairns and used leaves and flowers to decorate them.

We walked down the river for another 10 minutes before stopping to eat some food. It was not long after that I found a perfectly oval stone to paint on. We carried on a short while longer and found our exit out of the river. It was a small ledge that most people needed help getting up onto. We walked down a path and up School Road until we made it back to our school.

My favourite part of the tramp was the dam building. I thought it was a very engaging way to work on team building and communication. Our Wai-a-raki walk was definitely one of the best and most enjoyable ways to learn about our local river.

Written by Tommy

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